Sophie Fox is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that puts beautiful design and ethical policy on an equal footing, aiming to reinstate a connection between designer, producer and consumer. 

Inspiration has been drawn purely from nature; using cloud forms, skylines, crystalline and rock forms to create a collection that evokes a distinct mood and atmosphere. 

We aim to create a transparency, and freedom of information, offering a small history of your chosen products journey before it reaches you. Along with some advice on how to care for your garment, something we hope you will cherish for years. 

All garments are either digitally or sublimation printed in the UK or USA. Both processes use considerably less water and dye stuffs than traditional screen printing methods and thus create a healthier supply chain. They are also produced in very limited runs, ensuring less wasted materials, while also creating truly unique garments.

For more information on these processes or about Sophie Fox in general please email us on